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Pilates History

Joseph Pilates developed a series of exercises in order to maintain his physical fitness. His objective was to condition the whole body using proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movements. 

The ideas spread and pilates is now a popular form of exercise helping people with bad backs, aching joints and poor posture, but also with fit individuals who want to enhance core strength to further their progression in other sports.

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My Goals as a Teacher

As a convert to Pilates for the last 6 years, I want to help people find their correct posture, teach people how to protect their back and how to increase core strength which will help in all areas of everyday life. 

I believe pilates is the key to staying stong and healthly in life.  The benefits often include muscle tone, strength and inch loss.

My clients comment on how good they feel in mind and body after pilates sessions, with time for proper stretching at the end.

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